Kaluna was selected alongside Intellimatic to create a custom integration.

“ADVNTM” features a Laravel backend API, developed by Intellimatic. Our role, was to create the customer facing products, featuring a “runner portal” and a fully scalable website with white-label capability.


Web development, web design, domains & hosting and website support.


Kaluna has been exceptional to work with. Customer experience and ease of use have been at the heart of our projects whilst combining it with the needs of our brand and business. It’s been a really fun project that’s collaborative, energetic and has met extremely tight deadlines.

Matt, in particular has gone above and beyond to deliver what we’ve needed. We had an exceptional first day launch with very positive customer feedback. Since launch, we’ve improved our search rankings and now have a highly converting website.

Great result and would highly recommend.

Jenny Hall Marketing Director ADVNTM